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No New Posts Overview

A quick overview of the site, containing threads that form a glimpse of what to expect upon becoming a member.

Moderator: Aleina Lahrone

4 7 Meet The Staff!
by Wizard Jenkins
Sept 27, 2017 5:40:25 GMT
No New Posts Rules & Regulations

Every site needs these, right? The general rules governing how members of the community are expected to act, as well as some more specific rules regarding the roleplay itself. Essential to know, considering that rule breaking is the road to banland.

2 2 Activity Rules and Notices
by Shards
Apr 11, 2015 5:39:10 GMT
No New Posts Announcements & News

Check here often in order to stay up to date on what's happening!

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No New Posts Events

Ever have a bunch of Meisters, Weapons, Witches and Kishin Eggs come together to play Supermarket Sweep? Well, that might be sometime in the future--among many other events for everyone's enjoyment.

11 72 Bingo was His Name-o!
by Kingsley
Sept 1, 2019 19:09:49 GMT
No New Posts Affiliate & Advertise

These are the boards where you can advertise your own site, or even affiliate with ours.

Sub-boards: Link-Backs, First-Posts

891 1,558 Eclipse Reborn - a Heroes/Heroes Reborn RPG (JCINK)
by Eclipse Reborn
May 28, 2020 11:02:07 GMT


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No New Posts Applications

This is where you see if your application is up to snuff! We might be able to help you make any corrections needed to become acceptable, but you have to be the one to do the work. Inside is a subforum for WIPs (Works in progress), original characters, and canon characters.

Moderators: Aleina Lahrone, Syd-Cymbaline, Shards, Kyrie Zee

Sub-board: Works-In-Progress

22 28 Vacilika
by vomitics
Jan 7, 2020 5:37:21 GMT
No New Posts Accepted Characters

That glorious place your character bio goes when it's been all accepted. This is a record of every active character currently in play on the site.

Sub-boards: Canons, Meisters, Weapons, Witches, Kishin Eggs & Corrupted Souls, Monsters, Others

63 199 Elijah Reckon | Demon Six Shot
by Kingsley
Oct 4, 2019 0:46:41 GMT
No New Posts Student Directory

A little tool that exists for the DWMA. This is where you'll be able to find various information on the academy's students, such as who does and doesn't have partners, which class a particular Meister is in, and whether or not Senpai has noticed you.

Sub-boards: Class Rosters, Partnerships, Tracking & Plotting, Character Requests, Residential Area Registration

23 66 Aer's Tracker
by Jay Cooke
May 2, 2019 4:30:01 GMT
No New Posts Databooks

So, let's be real here. These probably aren't done. But, at some point (maybe) this would be where you could go to check out all the factions, important characters, and major events that occur throughout the world.

Or, more likely, skip straight to the 'Abilities' section and start stealing ideas. Jerk.

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No New Posts Hell Shop

This is the place to go for character advancements. Whether you absolutely MUST have that new motorbike, or you saw Senpai use a b*tchin' new Soul Purge and wanna copy him, this is the place to go. Here, you can spend all that wonderful Hell you've raised.

See what we did there? We're so witty.

10 21 Booster
by Cantus
May 16, 2019 11:03:39 GMT


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No New Posts The Lounge

This here's the place to introduce yourself to the community. Or, to let us all know you're leaving for a little while so we don't delete the crap out of your character. Any other idle chatter, forum games, and additional nonsense goes here too.

36 110 Pokemon and Switch ID's
by Aleina Lahrone
Dec 10, 2019 7:48:12 GMT
No New Posts The Crack House

So, say you're just not feelin' the Soul Eater today. You wanna be a Pokémon Master. But screw going out to actually find a Pokémon roleplay site! You want it now! Well, here's where you can play out all your little non-Soul Eater fantasies. or post up raunchy fanfics starring Shards and Maestro...

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No New Posts Archives

Yup. Archives. Graveyards. Dead stuff goes here. Also old stuff, because screw healthcare; we don't want your old butts crowding up our hospitals. I mean... Forums. Yeah. Forums.

Sub-boards: Threads, Characters

198 1,651 Excuse Me~ [Open]
by Jennifer Lovell
Jan 28, 2019 21:37:46 GMT

Death Weapon Meister Academy

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No New Posts Mission Board & Granny's Desk

A giant bulletin board filled with cries for help from around the world. The core of DWMA life, set up right in front of the academy's entrance. Find, study, and accept missions here, folks! Just beware trying to accept a mission outside of your pay grade, or face Granny's gorilla-like wrath.

Sub-boards: Missions In-Progress, Level 1 Missions, Level 2 Missions, Level 3 Missions, Story Missions, Bulletin Board, Granny's Desk, Completed Missions

66 185 Lügner
by Navy Nightshade
May 7, 2019 21:35:30 GMT
No New Posts School Grounds

The DWMA's proving grounds, where new students get hazed, also known as 'beaten to a bloody pulp', by the more experienced students!

Oh, this is also the circular, stone courtyard in front of the academy, where most student-on-student fighting happens. Remember to get teacher supervision!

Sub-boards: Track & Field, Reaper Park, Balconies

2 15 Relax after a hard day... [Open]
by Timothy Jensen
Mar 26, 2019 4:24:46 GMT
No New Posts Classrooms

Where students go to get their formal education. It just so happens that most of this education revolves around killing the crap out of the most evil creatures on the face of the planet.

Sub-boards: Starlit Sky Classroom, Streaking Comet Classroom, Orion's Sword Classroom, Crescent Moon Classroom, Club Rooms

2 76 Phasmology 101 | Class
by Mackenzie
Mar 28, 2019 16:55:28 GMT
No New Posts The Hallways

Try not to get lost in these. No, really. That's a challenge. Just try.

The labyrinth of Hallways that spiderweb through the DWMA's interior and multiple levels, where students socialize between classes and try their utmost not to make a wrong turn and end up being late.

Sub-boards: The Death Room, Cafeteria, Library, Dispensary

4 23 Wild Wild Pest (Open)
by Lucas Li
Oct 23, 2019 21:28:11 GMT
No New Posts Gymnasium

Being a school dedicated to the eradication of Kishin Eggs, Witches, and other corrupted beings, this gym has a little more to offer than your standard basketball court. And by 'a little', we actually mean 'a lot'.

Sub-boards: The Showers, Shooting Range, The Pool

5 49 Swimming is Damning [Lucat/Wahl/Erin]
by Lucatiel Eckert
Sept 16, 2019 21:50:40 GMT
No New Posts The Underground

That dark, creepy maze underneath the DWMA. Yes, this place is even harder to navigate than the DWMA's hallways! And no, there are no maps!

Also the embodiment of Madness may once have been imprisoned down here. So yeah. That's cool.

Sub-boards: Visitor's Quarters, Prison Cells

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Death City

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No New Posts Residential Road

What's got four walls, a rotted sofa, and the desiccated remains of a badger in the bedroom closet? That's right! Your new home!

Residential Road is home to most, though not necessarily all, of Death City's housing establishments, including the DWMA dormitories. If you want your own homestead added to this section, you need only to register appropriately. And, of course, make sure you can afford it.

Sub-boards: Death City Elementary, Ea's Apartment, Zoe & Sine's Apartment

3 76 High Hopes for a Living [Irene]
by Irene Dixon
Feb 4, 2020 6:57:09 GMT
No New Posts Death Street

The main street of Death City, better known as that giant staircase spanning the entire distance from the city gates to the DWMA itself.

Sub-boards: City Square, Marketplace, Basketball Court

1 1 Hey, Hey, Hey! [Ether/Open]
by Natalie Cowen
Jan 27, 2019 9:55:34 GMT
No New Posts Mandolin Drive - 1 Viewing

Holy snap, Batman, this place has everything!

Mandolin Drive is the premier destination for entertainment in Death City, with a little something for everyone. For a price, of course. From dining to amusement parks, Mandolin Drive really does have it all.

Except a petting zoo.

Sub-boards: Rescue Ops HQ, Excalibur Kingdom, Chupa ♥ Cabra's, Death E. Cheese's, Uncle Bob's Rumba Coffee, Mayweather Bread, Death Robbins, Skully Pharmaceuticals

2 32 A Scholar Beneath Wolf’s Clothing! [Open]
by Irene Dixon
Feb 14, 2020 3:08:19 GMT
No New Posts Crescent Avenue

A street that, as the name suggests, is shaped as a long crescent spanning an entire level of Death City's front half, known for being home to some of the higher-class and more specialized shops.

You know, that place where snobs and hipsters gather like flies over a rotten banana.

Sub-boards: Planétarium la Rêverie, Deathsteraunt, Deathbucks Café, Death Records, Ethereal's Apartment

2 22 You're a Shoe In [Open]
by Irene Dixon
Feb 10, 2019 2:49:33 GMT
No New Posts Cemetary Parkway

Oh no! Spooky Scary Skeletons!

Yup, this is the road that eventually leads to the cemetary, and passes right by Patchwork Labs, the laboratory of Doctor Stein, as well as a strange little pumpkin house. But I'm sure there's no witch living there. Right?

Sub-boards: Hook Cemetary, Patchwork Labs, Blair's House, McDonald's

1 3 Tune Up! [Wahl & Seraphim] [Training]
by Wahl
May 3, 2019 19:41:17 GMT
No New Posts Gallows Way

And you thought Crescent Avenue was fancy! Gallows Way is where all the wealthiest and most influential people in Death City live.

Oh... did I say 'people'? I meant 'person'. Only Lord Death lives here. Well, Lord Death, his son, and his son's Weapon partners.

Well, that and that weird, giant hotel that never seems to have any vacancies, or any guests...

Sub-boards: Gallows Mansion, Legacy Suites

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Around the World

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No New Posts Bounty Boards

Got someone you don't like? We mean really, really, don't like? Legend has it that if you write his name here, a creepy edgelord with daddy issues will find him and make sure he's as dead as Hitler at a World War II reenactment.

This is the collective spot for all Bounty Board locations across the world, where individuals who aren't members of the DWMA, but also aren't particularly welcome in the Witch's Grounds, can take on a job or two.

6 7 Goblinkiller
by Eberhart Ulrich
Mar 6, 2018 21:25:03 GMT
No New Posts Death City Mountain Range

The small mountain range encircling Death City, situated in the middle of the friggin' desert. Lots of people come here to train in stuff. We think they're pretty much insane for wanting to hike then exercise in the middle of the desert, but hey. To each their own.

Sub-board: Hot Springs

1 10 Stranded II [OPEN]
by Irene Dixon
Dec 23, 2019 18:26:31 GMT
No New Posts The Seven Seas

Yeah, we totally just compressed 71% of the world into a single board. We're cool like that. Have fun on your boat.

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No New Posts Western Hemisphere

At first, we thought 'Hey, let's just name every single continent and important country!'

But then we realized that made the main page massive, and screw that noise. So this is the eastern hemisphere, proudly featuring the United States of America. Oh, and there might be a couple other things in here too. I dunno.

Sub-boards: North America, South America, Canada

2 59 Fearful Factory - Ethereal & Natalie
by Syd-Cymbaline
Feb 15, 2019 21:58:08 GMT
No New Posts Eastern Hemisphere

So here's all those other countries. Like England and Japan. I think Russia's in here somewhere too. Oh, and then there's that place where people wear turbans, and...

Have we mentioned that we didn't pass Geography in high school?

Sub-boards: Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia

10 131 A Spring In Yer Step [Timothy & Iza] [Stable Mission]
by Iza Merrick
Jan 4, 2020 1:11:26 GMT

The Witches' Realm

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No New Posts Eye Of The Coven

A large crystal ball situated at the very center of the Coven broadcasting the will of the Witch Queen. ...And sometimes lesser Witches who simply need something done. There are always missions for the willing.

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No New Posts The Dark Forest

A snowy forest of cold, dead trees. Despite the abundance of snow on the ground, the only adjective that accurately describes the forest is 'dark'. Frigid and lifeless, it is said that those who have lingered here for too long have lost their sanity. Who knows what secrets this icy wasteland holds...

Sub-board: The Witches' Ferry

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No New Posts The Witches' City

The sprawling city nestled beneath the crescent-like mountain of Sabbath. Resembling an eye from above, the city is situated as an elongated, eye-shape surrounding a central square. Unlike the frigid Dark Forest beyond, Haven exists eternally at a fair temperature.

Known only as The Witches' City, or more commonly just 'The City', this is, as the name suggests, the home of Coven-loyal witches.

Sub-boards: The Gate, Training Grounds, The Bazaar, Residential Districts, The Mercier Extermination Agency, The 10,000 Step Pilgrimage

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No New Posts Sabbath

The meeting grounds for all witches; a grand cathedral and twin towers at the summit of the "10,000 Step Pilgrimage", former home of Grand Witch Mabaa, and current seat of power for Nidae Ilion. Long live the new Queen!

Sub-board: Castle Ilion

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